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GTU Course List

  • Bachelor Of Architecture (BE ARCH – BA)
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (B.E. – BE)
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Part Time) (Bachelor of Engineering (Part Time) – EP)
  • Bachelor Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology (BHMCT – BH)
  • Bachelor Of Interior Design (Bachelor of Interior Design – BI)
  • Bachelor Of Pharmacy (B.Pharm – BP)
  • Bachelor Of Pharmacy (PRACTICE) (BPP – PP)
  • Bachelor Of Planning (Bachler of Planning – BL)
  • Bachelor Of Vocation (B.Voc – BV)
  • Diploma In Architecture (Diploma arc – DA)
  • Diploma In Engineering (DIPLOMA – DI)
  • Diploma In Pharmacy (D.PHARM – DP)
  • Diploma In Vocation (D.Voc – DV)
  • Doctor Of Philosophy (PHD – PH)
  • Master Of Architecture (M. Arch. – MR)
  • Master Of Business Administration (MBA – MB)
  • Master Of Business Administration (Integrated / Applied Management) (MBA Integrated – MA)
  • Master Of Business Administration (Part Time) (MBA (Part Time) – MV)
  • Master Of Computer Applications (MCA – MC)
  • Master Of Computer Applications (Integrated) (MCA Integrated – IC)
  • Master Of Engineering (M.E. – ME)
  • Master Of Pharmacy (M.PHARM – MP)
  • Master Of Philosophy (MPhil – ML)
  • Master Of Science (Industrial Biotechnology) (Applied Science- IB – IB)
  • Master Of Science (Integrated-Computer Science) (Applied Science-CS – CS)
  • Pharm.D. (PharmD – FD)
  • Pharm.D. (POST Baccalaureate) (PharmD(PB) – PB)
  • Post Diploma Degree Course (PDDC – PD)
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Data Science (PGDDS – DS)
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Bioinformatics (Applied Science-DB – DB)
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Digital Marketing (PGDDM – DM)

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